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Marcus is not a teetotaler

I want to address a question that I have gotten from people on the street
and on the telephone.
I am not going to be a teetotaler. All I am doing is giving up drinking for
two months (January and February) and starting in March will only drink
-things that are made by Monks
-things that are made on site
-Stuff that I brewed myself (I am considering learning t brew...)

I will not drink anything
-that is advertised during the superbowl. If a food or beverage is
advertised during the superbowl, chances are that it sucks.
-Long Island Iced Teas (as I am not 22)
-Any Frozen tropical drink (this was not hard...)

Musical Interlude

After toiling I went on my final run of the month around the Lake. My knee
started to hurt so I slowed down a bit but fell good after opposite of fred.

As I did not want to deal with parking I took BART into the Mission and
walked to Amnesia for the Urban Diversion Happy Hour where I was not
drinking. Went to a store to get licorice (Panda) and this woman approaches
me telling me that she had not seem me in two years and she told me that she
is now in a folk band called "Making Dinner". Honestly I had no clue who she
was and was hoping my mental rolodex would help me out but it had a one
track mind (Licorice). She finally told me her name (Zarah) and I went to a
charity Kickball game.

The Happy Hour was at Amnesia where the last time I went the bartender
played a Dolly Parton song that I could not find. On the way into work they
played a Dolly Parton song on the jukebox from hell and I did not agree. I
heard Jolene around the Lake.


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