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Many people envy our happy

Unexpectedly photos were posted out so much response and reaction, in
addition to their colleagues know, junior high school, high school
classmates, friends, bosses in various parts of the country from different
sources to see these photos and "sent a message" and even This two-day meals
to Qinghua people have been identified, let me in any case some feel
flattered. Shuimu Forum is the main launch, praised the majority of the
people, of course, there are some negative assessment. For some obvious
psychological Suanbeitao remarks, I naturally is the knowing smile and, I am
as serious cherish the beautiful enough. For some photographic technique,
"critics" in the back, I can only feel helpless: 1. Its own technology, I
know that several two , there is no overreaching himself to photography
version of the film to suffer, it is reproduced past others 2. those
so-called "critical response" No one pointed out my technical shortcomings,
so I do not have to accept with an open mind; 3 I have always thought that,
for me, this photographic skill, that is good enough, and I tables not only
health, not to any equipment fever, each unhappy press the shutter, and had
been respectful perspective to examine the real photography erupted.

Many people envy our happy, I will say that, in fact you can. Lp and I are
ordinary people, with the intention of only slightly to ordinary life
becomes interesting only. I watched lp serious preparations Maldives trip,
as well as details of the time, a lot of packing her clothes, wedding
dresses, photography props time, I also feel tired, but tired too, in the
intention of pressing the shutter retained the Maldives every corner and any
one of our warm eyes, in Beijing peak after a day of work in the home,
although tired watching these experiences is to use the photos and text, we
can more than ordinary people understand perhaps only forever in the
memories of Meedhupparu Island.

We are ordinary people, with the intention of only slightly to ordinary life
becomes interesting only, I ask this question every friend you can.

One more thought, more than an expression of life will be like this
Meedhupparu bottles of water, but the preciousness of pure transparency.


Marcus Ronaldi

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