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Dog Music for dogs & you

First off if anyone has the codes for free delivery from Safeway please let
me know.

I got a call from Andrea to tell me that Stelly is afraid of school buses
and that Cosmo was going towards the water to take care of some issues but
an alert Andrea told him to turn around before we had a Cosmo Popsicle.
Perhaps he would be unfrozen thousands of years from now by some advances
society. Some background for those who have not gone on duty in Churchton,
the dogs are trained to turn around when we say "turn around" like the song
Total Eclipse of the Heart.

I had a dream that Cracked Magazine bought Mad Magazine and Mad TV was now
Cracked TV. It was a far more interesting dream but now it seems really
dull. Perhaps I should go on about running and Star Wars.

On the way out the door as the door was closing I stuck my fred to stop it
from closing which was lucky as the keys were on the table. That would have

So I got the word that Heath Ledger had died. I am not someone who cares
much about celebrity worship. I am concerned as much about Britney Spears as
a character on the Simpsons. It was a sad story nonetheless. Seems like he
had quite a bit of anxiety and sleep issues.

Will be going to Jacks on Chestnut Street to get some cool new threads.
Sadly Andrea will not be here to tell me if something fits or looks daft but
I have los otros to ask.

I am happy that they are far more BART trains running from South San
Francisco to the city. I am far more likely to take public transport if I do
not have to wait twenty minutes for the next train. Took the train to the
World Affairs Council Happy Hour even though I am on the wagon.

Listening to Interpool on Pandora. I think even with all of the crappy
music, this is one of the best times to be a music fan. Give me an iPod over
any listening device, even the almighty Zune. Listening to the Doves. I need
to form a band. It will be really good and we will have loads of arguments
at Costco.

Went to the South San Francisco Library to get a book on CD for my commute
and I was not too pleased with the selection.

Fred Thompson dropped out of the Presidential Race. I wonder what will
happen to those that ran out and placed bumper stickers on their cars.


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