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Oil Change, Pho and Running + Plutos

It was one of those days they could not sort out the weather. I did not know
if I wanted to watch three movies or hang out on Ocean Beach getting a

Drove to Daly City to get my oil changed but they told me it would take at
least three hours so I went into the city and found another oil change joint
in the Tenderloin. I would rather hang out in close proximity to several pho
joints than Daly City.
This woman pulled up in a white Nissan Sentra and I tried chatting her up.
We both agreed that it was a good city car but I do not think she thought of
me as a high roller.

While I was waiting for the oil change I hung out in the same Pho joint that
I went to yesterday and ordered the same food. I was considering something
else but wanted the same.

it was raining but time for a run so I put on my waterproof jacket, a hat,
one glove and made my way from Fort Mason to Fort Point. Turns out the route
was around 6 miles. On Google maps it said 8 but that was driving. I ran
into one of my former kickballers. I think as long as I do the the
distance/time stopping is not bad. I also saw a black standard poodle puppy
named Jackson that was very silly!!

It started raining hard so I was glad that I had sprung for the waterproof
jacket. Because my iPod reset I had two runs of just over six miles.
Wednesday will be an easy four mile run.
I am reading "Younger Next Year" which is for older/more established
gentlemen but has some good nuggets about exercise and nutrition and such.
It does go on about being more established means you can afford top gear.

Spent the rest of the rainy afternoon wandering around Chestnut. I did not
see any posters wanting a live in dog sitter but who knows. Went to the
Apple Store and Dinner at Plutos. Jacks is having a sale so I will need a
good fashion eye.


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