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First off I want to address the whole people arguing thing.
It is not like I seek it out. I just think its funny when people argue over
something trivial. Unless they were saying bad things about standard
poodles, the simpsons, star wars or Chimay.

Went to MoMo's and thought Cosmo would show up and be working at the joint
but he was at the compound.
He had a surprise of a day as he was curled up having doggie dreams when he
was whisked to the bucolic splendor of the compound I am sure he was pleased
as punch with the way things turned out.

We discussed chartreusse and I learned how to bypass the queue at Costco
with the secret express lane.
This led to the movie/song Convoy. We wondered if Burt Reynolds was in the
movie or if anyone was in both Convoy and Smokey and the Bandit.
They are many genres that you no longer see and the trucker is one that is
sadly missed. Perhaps I should be in a Trucker movie with Ninjas.
It turns out Convoy came after Smokey and the Bandit AND it was based on the

Finished reading "The Freedom Manifesto". I am not going to Tesso's and
should grow my own vegetables.

Went to Whole Foods and got a GT's Kombucha. I am very predictable.

Used my Macy's coupon on rain gear for running. I was considering going
skiing on Super Bowl Sunday as the slopes would be empty but I have my 2nd
Half Marathon.

Had dinner at a Pho joint where loads of Vietnamese were cheering wildly for
the Giants/Packers game.

Amazingly one of the sponsored links for this entry was the Juno Soundtrack
which I saw in the evening. Great movie.

Tomorrow I am going to run from Fort Mason to Fort Point.


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