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For some dumb reason I purchased two Nike + sensors so I returned it to the
Foot Locker at Seramonte center. I gave out coupons to Taco Bells to the
other patrons as I do not eat there.
I had demoted my running fred containers as they were shot and started with
the pair I got while dog sitting.

Swung by the Daly City Farmers Market and got a bag of apples and a bag of
oranges. They are not as many vendors.
Bits about
I was considering running with the training group but I did not want to run
on the Golden Gate Bridge because of 1) cement 2) tourists I decided to run
in Golden Gate Park which is the Kaiser Half course. In addition to the new
fred containers and the sensors, I was wearing sunglasses, one glove to
carry my key and a heart rate monitor.
Ran into Andrea (not my sister) in the middle of the park. The way up the
park is mostly uphill so the second half was far easier.

Went to Safeway with soggy money and got 1) banana and 2) some of pomengrante tea. Some homeless fellow asked me for money and I said sadly, "Man, I only got $.08" and he the hobo said, "You can't give what you don't have".
Is Hobo PC? What do you picture when you mention hobo?
Had an incident with pricing at Safeway.

Drove across town to the clothing swap as I had a bag of clothes I was not wearing including the recently demoted fred containers. It was total chaos and the next time I am going to bring a camcorder. I found a JAL tie and I took back my fred containers plus found a shirt that said, "Keep Austin Weird" and I gave it to a friend of Gwen to interoffice it. I need to send an e-mail to explain the context.

Next stop was the blood bank and I like donating blood. It is a nice day out and they give you cranberry juice. I am also really good at donating blood. Luckily there has been no mix up with calling the compound.

Made my way to Chestnut street. Was going to go to Pluto's but decided to try Pacific Catch. I am interested in chicken or salmon over different vegetables which this place had.

This woman came up to the street and asked for gas money as she lost her wallet in a coffee shop. She claimed to be going to Sacramento State. I ended up giving her a $1.

They were more hobos/vagabonds/urban campers that in the past on Chestnut.

Saw this woman walking down the street in a Symantec Jacket and I followed her into the pub. I asked her if she worked at Symantec. I had hoped her response would be "Yes, I am in software sales but sadly they are moving my job to Houston/Salt Lake City etc" but she was with another group. Ended up chatting to her and her friend from Rhode Island.

The Faces are really good. Listen to Sweet Lady Mary.


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