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What is going on??

Today I got two what is going on and one what is going on this weekend and
honestly, there is nothing going on.
People get made of wood hearing about running (except for Tracy Webb & Jeff)
and making my own food (Tracy Webb did make Marcus Chicken Soup but she put
too many noodles)

I need to make something up so I have an actual answer to that question.
They are a few things that I am not doing but then again its also not
If anyone needs a designated driver let me know....

Went running and going forward I am not going to do any running where I have
to stop at intersections OR run on cement. In the middle of my run my sensor
stopped working so I started walking but then ran in the panoppositeoffredle
knowing the mileage and time did not count towards my total but it was
actually more relaxing. I stopped when I had to run on the cement. But I
knew I was now in the market for one of them sensors and I hoped to find one
at the Radio Shack as I have a $10 off a $40 purchase.

Met Michaela Doriss at the bean bag cafe. She and I have known each other
close to two years but this is the third time we saw each other. She told me
that she has never drank a long island iced tea. I have decided to put that
beverage in the pile of things that I am saying no no to such as peanut
butter with hydrogenated oil and high frucose corn syrup and microwave
I need to get this jacket.

She described the plight of living with roommates. Ever time I think it
would be nice to live in a fancy mansion with other people I remember what
it was like when people would throw paper towels and such.

She also mentioned that she had a G Rated dream about me. I hope it was at
least animated. Or better yet I was live action and everything else was like
Yellow Submarine.
But I think she would have said it.

I went to * the Serramonte* Center and that mall makes me sad.
I went into several stores trying to find Nike + that were on sale and in my
size where I could use my coupon but the mall is in the middle ages. The guy
at the store explained the malls in San Mateo and Palo Alto are way better.
I will be heading out to Fleet Feet to get the transmitter and fred
containers IF they are on sale.
The Radio Shack did not have the Nike+ transmitter and the Foot Locker and
three other stores did not have my size (12) in Nike + that were on sale.
It goes against my wiring to pay full price.

Ended up buying some potions and lotions.

On a far more important note, my Mom had the second part of her deep brain
stimulation and is now resting recovering in Churchton.


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