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Foods I dislike (items added)

Today is a rest day so I am not running nor making you made of wood about

The other day some of my fellow toilers annouced they wanted a licorice
treat. This unearthed a hatred for two items that pass themselves off as
licorice to the masses which are red vines and twizzlers. These items are to
licorice as I am to an airplane. It tastes nothing like proper licorice. I
dated a woman who hated the taste of licorice which looking back is a bit
If she had a choice between a lifetime of proper licorice or endless ROPES
she would choose the latter.
If you go to this website, they do not serve either Red vines or Twizzlers.

Makes me think of going to the Oakland A's games (Red Vines). I used to get
the tickets to the A's dollar games.

Other food items I do not like are bologna and Krab (fake crab meat).

Every day I get e-mails from around the world. I got a greeting for a Happy
Pongal and I thought what a great Holiday name. When Sasha gets a friend, I
may name them Pongal.

Total Eclipse of the Heart came on my iTunes so I am rocking out.

After toiling I went to Costco to get gas as there was no queue. I chatted
up one of the woman in one of the other pumps as she must have been
impressed that I had a car with power windows and a CD player.
Went into Costco and I was going to get replacement toothbrush heads but I
got fed up with the queue so I abandoned my items mostly on principal. If I
had my iPod I would rock out but I would only stand in the queue and making
up back stories of the people buying an amazing amount of pretzels.
I may get my parents a popcorn trolley. In retrospect I could have buyed a
load of licorice and then share them with my fellow toilers so they may
develop a liking for good licorice.

Andrea discussed her situation at the La Plata Safeway. I still think the
worst safeway is the one in Westlake in Daly City with their long queues and
the fact they do not give out rainchecks for 10 for $10 items. Very few
stores in this area have double coupons. Maybe I should take myself off the
grid and grow my own spinach.

From Brian Tholen's status I saw that tonight was Ask A Scientist but I was
too lazy to go.

Made an annoucement at the clown colony meeting thanking them for the
parking enforcement. I will yell at them about the dog rule at another time.
Turns out no one likes clowns.

If you want to opposite of fred me a cave prize, proper licorice would be
good or chocolate covered ginger. Could one make a licorice/ginger cake?


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