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The reason one needs rest days...

First off I need to get a new pair of trainers as they are shot.
Normally I run every other day but to sync up my Saturday run, I have to
have two days in a row or have two rest days in a row.
As I have my annual goal of 1000 miles I will opt for two days in a row.

As I THOUGHT I needed to go to the sports basement in the Presidio for the
San Francisco training program I thought it would be a good chance to get to
the 700 mile mark.

Nike should really pay me...

On this run I ran into the Minnesota Twins (Carly Jackson and Brian Tholen).
They told me about the possibility of getting the old volleyball team
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBKkwxCV5ls (for long time readers this will
make sense...)

My legs hurt but I like nice round numbers and wanted to get over 700 miles.
It was not the same blissful experience but life goes on.

I heard some randoms rocking out to Steve Winwood in a minivan.

Went to the PRESIDIO Sports Basement for the information session on the half
marathon training program and I sat in the community room by myself. No one
had any idea what I was on about but I checked my phone and saw it was at
another location. So I sped across town to the new location (which moved).

I finally found the place after seeing the Alex Stack doppleganger. Frank
Chu has 2 sets of 12 dopplegangers (which explains how he is everywhere at

I asked the people at the session if I could listen to my songs because
honestly I do not want to be alone with my thoughts while running.

Went to the Safeway and got some spinach and apples. As I said earlier I am
trying to get in the habit of doing my own cooking as 1) it is cheaper and
2) for the most part its healthier.
I do like going to Pluto's.


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