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Keys in the door...

This morning I went looking for the standard items and I could not find my keys. I knew as I was in my pad that I had somehow gotten in so I kept looking around becoming more complex. Had I woken up in the middle of the night and tossed my keys into the pool. Finally I checked the door and I left the keys in the door. So this proves that I am not always a clear headed thinker. I am coming up on five years without a parking ticket but an incident like this makes me aware how those driving in their upside down cars and talking on their mobiles can have lapses.

Spoke to Andrea and we discussed Mom and how Cosmo was doing the splits. Not much of an update on Mum. I think some of my own lapses may be related to the unknown.

At toiling we went to Benigens. I actually thought the whole bit on the menu about punching the surgeon general in the face as funny. We had to request the $10 off and we discussed $2 bills.

I got rock star parking in front of tortilla heights BUT the dinner thing is not until 8 so I had to pay the meter as I did not want to get a parking ticket.

Far and away the oddest request came at the Hydra store (oddly down the way from Marcus books) that was going out of business. This attractive woman asked me to help her move a sink that she purchased. she had two cute dogs. I should have asked her out for a malted or some such thing. she is probably telling her friends about the clueless guy because She had asked me to move a sink.

I am going to wells fargo to get $2 bills.


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