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In Sunnyvale

After toiling I went to a very cloudy Sunnyvale to 1 run 2 get my haircut 3 buy a harmonica (this was of course unplanned but you must embrace this randomness) 4 eat pho and 5 wait for updates. You may be reading this thinking, Marcus you ran yesterday and normally you enjoy a day of leisure, rest and maybe if your lucky sloth why are you running two days in a row? Don't your 37 year old legs need a chance to heal? Well here is the situation, Saturday I have a longer training run so I did not want two days of leisure prior.

So I went on a 30 minute run and well it sucked. Sunnyvale may be known as home to Buffy the Vampire slayer BUT it is not a runners paradise. It was full of sidewalks ending and mad corgis. In fact I think I am going to go out of my way to not run in Sunnyvale. Give me a trail, the ocean or the park. It was 3.1 miles in 9:40 per mile.

As I was woofin and nowhere near Chinatown, I needed a haircut so I went to the place in Sunnyvale. I thought they were talking about me so I laughed along with them.
Next I went to a music store that was going out of business. I asked the guy about a harmonica and I guess it is a much more complex series of instruments. How can Marcus play the blues?

Lately via Facebook I have been in touch with quite a few fellow Clippers. It turns out one is actually out here. She remembered the fact I charged $1 for a ride. I am amazed anyone ever got in that car. Tracy Webb wants to go running when I return. She is at a 6:30 and thinks that is slow. Maybe if she had a cement backpack.

Had Pho while I was waiting for the word on the street. I felt like Harry Potter at the Dursleys waiting for an owl from the Weaslys.
Walked to Target hoping the Simpsons game was marked down but no such luck. I then walked the other direction and I ended up where the sidewalk ended and there was a made of wood wall for no reason and I kept thinking I was going to get run over. Got the word on the street and it made sense. I guess we are living in the future as you could have a mac hine in your head. Maybe I could get my shiny outfit I thought we would all be wearing in 2008.

Both Brian and Gwen are celebrating their Bday in New Jersey. I would not mind a gig where I spend four months a year in Australia. Maybe Carter Williams can pull some strings.

On a nutrition note I am killing time and was considering getting a slice of cake but thought better of it. I am drinking coffee black. This week I am not putting and sugar or cream in my coffee. A small victory but choosing a run over beer and wings over the course of time will do you good. I am going to happy hour but I am not drinking or eating, just making an appearance.

Tomorrow I may go to a place called the Bollyhood cafe which serves Indian food, chimay and shows Bollywood films. Maybe I may be discovered and get cast in the next Bollywood blockbuster. Or I may go to Super Diamond. As I am not drinking I can be a good designated driver. If I am a designated driver, I am disappointed if my passenger is sober. Seems like a waste.

With everyone going on in the last few days I could not address the fact that one of my heroes Joe Gibbs retired. I think he went out on a high note and is a demonstration of class. He will probably hang out at the compound with Big Tom and Warren Sapp.
btw the Patriots are going to lose 31 to 14.


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