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So first off my Mom is recovering from getting deep brain stimulation.
Andrea, Jeff and Donna have been keeping me in the know.

You know if hospitals were smart, they would transform their waiting rooms
from an expense to a profit center. Besides odd gifts they could have all
sorts of things to rent buy like those portable DVD players or maybe video
games. Maybe that could cover the cost of health care in this country? Some
plucky bootstrapper should seek ways to entertain those that are waiting in
hospitals. Cell phones do not work well as they sound like you are in the
back of a tunnel in the bottom of a well. I could not tell if the hospital
was being attacked by mutant bugs or my Mom was doing the Mary Lou Retton
program from the 1984 Olympics
I am sure it is somewhere in between.

This is my Dad's favorite comic

I needed to clear my head so I went running at the Sawyer Camp Trail. I had
spoken to my cross country coach from the 1980's about what I should be
doing/not doing.
So far in 2008 I have run 30.6 miles. I had spoken to my cross country coach
and he told me to set out for a timed rather than a distance run. I felt
really good. I guess when you want to distract yourself a run is a happier
hour than chicken wings and coors light. Near the end of my run, I was
listening to my iPod and the theme from Wonder Woman came on (I have some
weird stuff on my iPod like the Banana Splits theme that turns into
apocalypse now
So I was running at a good pace and as I said, the theme from Wonder Woman
comes on
As soon as it starts, this really cute woman speeds past me. I speed up a
little for the last bit. At the end of the trail I told her about the music
when she passed me. I guess if I was a Super Hero I would be like a Smart
Hulk or maybe the Thing. We then discuss the Nike + thing and how it has
helped me. I saw she had a giant rock on her left ring finger.

Spoke to both Jeff and Andrea about the whole situation. Dad read Pickles

My souped morphed into a pile of noodles and vegetables. Also had Popcorn
because I know how to party!! Did some laundry and updated Mary on the word
on the street.


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