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Avoiding slow poison...

I am going to start a habit that is out of character. For most of my time as a grocery shopper I have gone out of my way to buy what was on sale but not as concerned with the ingrediants. I am going to avoid anything that has either corn syrup or hydrogenated oil even if it is 10 for $10 and I have a coupon. If burger king was giving away french fries and there was no queue, I would still not partake. (I do like their hersey pies....)
I was reading the ingedients of the all fiber cereal and my peanut butter and guess who showed up in both of these fairly healthy options? Corn syrup and hydrogenated oil...
I need to find brands (and stores) that do not have these slow poisons.

I went to whole foods in Redwood City and amazingly the price difference between the brands with the corn syrup and oil was small. In fact I paid less for peanut butter and cereal (they were on sale). I was able to find bread that was high in fiber and without hydrogeneted oil. A lot of my reading has been focused on nutrition and although they may have a different message it is completely consistant that you are totally avoid these items.

Cosmo had a rough start to his day. He was in the Maxima when Andrea (who is now on Facebook) noticed that one of the tires had met its maker. He was ready for the bucolic splendor of the compound.

Had lunch for the third time in 2008 at Plutos. I hope they come out with one of those annoying punch cards.


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