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Rain Bus Pass IPod thoughts.

First off, hats off to Big Tom who followed Warren Sapp and Vinny Testeverde and is no longer among the toiling set. Hopefully he will get his opposite of sub pass.
Yesterday I forgot my cell phone at toiling. Normally this would not be much of an issue but I was planning on dining with Katie Alton at Plutos. Any place that has Lando on the wall is OK in my book.

Yesterday was not a good gadget related day as I accidently reset my iPod and had to run 5.29 miles alone with my thoughts. No Rhinestone Cowboy, No flaming lips, no I am the Cool Walrus. If any of those training programs do not want me running with tunes then they can take a running jump into the closest lake.
I am dog sitting the two mush face doggies, Raider and Brando. The current weather is the type they show on commercials for selling cats.

As I mentioned, I am not drinking for the month of January (and probably February) but I am hosting a Happy Hour tonite at Madrone but I budgeted way more than enough time so I am sitting in this coffee shoppee letting my readers know the down low on what is happening in the city by the Bay. I do not have my iPod (as It was reset) and now I am alone with Lionel Richie on the radio.

Onto Politics, I am shocked at the results of the Iowa Primary. First off you have a man whose world view is more atune to the middle ages. Second I was pleased Obama won in Iowa which was a suprise because well its Iowa. I heard he made a good stump yesterday.

Now I am being subject to that duet with Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow. In 2008 I am amazed that commercial radio is still viable.

More on Katie, first she is in search of a living arrangement and this is exposing the seedy underbelly of the local roommate market. Loads of sketchy and unbelivable tales. Then she tells me that she lived with Nuns as part of some show. Her and Kelly must have been working hard to come up with these situations as they know that it is very popular with those at the college of Southern Maryland.

In another development I am going to give up products with hydronated oil because it is boots. I was reading this thing of peanut butter and well it had it. I am going to a natural food store to find products that are sans that type of oil.


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