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2008 gets off to an exciting start

As you all know, I am not a fan for the most part of New Years Eve. It is
common to call it "*amateur night". Imbecility is everywhere as everyone is
just randomly crossing the street. But it was an exciting night.

I have a bit of a cold as I am probably seeking some sort of attention. Put
on my tuxedo as I wanted to be dressed like Sasha (she is a Tuxedo cat).

Was a bit annoyed with the parking situation but I did manage to find a
spot. Since I was in a tuxedo the people on the street assumed that I was in
charge and I explained the parking the regulations (they had to move their
car before 2AM according to the sign).

Felt out of sync at the party so I went for a walk and I saw many people
acting the fool. It was like the whole city was on something when I was
looking for parking.
Was going to call it a night and drive home and toast in 2008 on the 280 but
I saw TWO standard poodles in the Fisherman Wharfs area so I darted over.

They were visiting dogs and I told their person about Noel and how Standard
Poodles are my favorite. This was a good omen, so I was in a far better mood
and went back to the party and had a WAY better time. In fact it was a great
night so the Standards were really a good omen. Its amazing how things
change when you are in a better mood : )
Discussed Math and class size and the M&M Math Problem.
Elle, Will and Meg showed up. Quite a few people are trying to talk me into
a full marathon and to them I say NO in 2008. They start by telling me how
if they could do it, I could do it. Then they go through their list of
injuries from running a FULL marathon.

As I was sober as a judge (those commercials that show people driving with
liquid in their car prevented me from drunk driving..) I provided a ride to
the Divisiadero/California area.

This is where it gets exciting and provided a moral question. At an
intersection I saw a guy fall backward from the sidewalk and hit his head
hard on the bumper of a parked car. Freaked out a bit and it took some time
to process what was going on so I made a right and called 911. A car in
front of me was stopped at an intersection. At this point my imagination was
running wild.

I explained the situation as best I could when the 911 operator got on the
line. She scolded me for not stopping to offer assistance and I agreed to
drive back to where this happened.

With her on the line I drove back to Divisidario to when this happened. I
saw the guy holding his head sitting on the stoop with his buddy. I told
them that I was on the horn with 911 and if they needed assistance. The
buddy waved me off and thanked me for my concern.

Now here is my question, should I have stopped as soon as I saw this?
Remember I did not know why the guy fell backwards and well, I have an
active imagination.

Drive home as I had the first 10K of 2008 in Palo Alto.

As I mentioned that I have a bit of a cold, so I did not sleep well.

Woke up and drove to Palo Alto. I was tired and I had a cold plus my runs
from last week SUCKED and was considering ditching it OR running the 5K OR
at a slow pace but I got the icy hot on my legs and ran it. I totally
surprised myself with a great time of 59:03 which is a pace of 9:27. I am
now 994 miles away from my goal for the year...

Afterwards I felt great and was in good clear mood. Then I saw another
Standard Poodle : )

Went to downtown Palo Alto where I used my Longs coupon but I realized that
it was for February but they took it.

Went to Plutos for lunch. That is my favorite chain.

Normally this would be the lead story but I finally used my coupon at Target
to get my XBox 360.

Saw Walk Hard in Daly City. I am not a fan of parking garages if I am not
near an exit and it is too busy.
This is a very funny movie and I downloaded the soundtrack. Would like to
have * Jenna Fischer on the bus.



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