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So yesterday I had two meals with Keri and Phillip. Was happy they switched
their tickets to the Patton Oswalt show to the later show (I should have
gotten a ticket to the earlier show as I am NOT a night owl.)

Maybe I could be some early morning super hero. I think I would be a
smashing throwing super hero like the Hulk or the Thing. This morning I went
into toiling and I was actually excited because I knew that I would
experience light traffic and I would be able to put the hammer down on the
I was shocked at the number of mentions of the Marcusmobile

I also like seeing traffic back up but due to my extensive knowledge of
alternate routes I can by pass everything and be on my way to make popcorn
or consider buying a vacuum cleaner. Before the show, I went to Safeway and
I got 1) Catfood 2) popcorn for the Mac Hine 3) Vitamins that were 50% off
that did not have Anna Nicole Smith on them (go to a drug store and look for
Trim Spa, then be weirded out...)

Dinner at Kennedys was good (and fairly cheap as I had a coupon) and they
were no police incidents. The opposite of fred dryer was jet powered.

The Washington Redskins made it to the playoffs so next week they will be
playing the expansion Seatle Seahwaks (Jim Zorn, Steve Largent and company)
in Seattle. If I did not have to dog sit Raider and Brando I would jump into
the Marcusmobile and pay for the tickets and sleep in my car under a bridge.
If it turns out that the game is on television, then I will probably pass on
the whole drive to Seattle. Honestly I would rather hang out with Raider and
Brando and get a Doggie Reception. If dogs could steal pineapples and show
up at your toil they would.
I was going to photoshop a picture of Jeff giving a Pineapple to Joe Gibbs
and then putting him in the story ALA Dad at Sears. As a goof I was going to
call Jeff during the Cowboys game.
Andrea is also happy as she does not have to deal with the crowds for at
least next Sunday (or Saturday).

Keri know wants to go slumming at Grocery Outlet which is the B O M B.
Once I explain the beauty of the Grocery Outlet as it is like prospecting.
Sometimes you get mud, sometimes you get Chimay..

I should totally open up one in Daly City! Daly City is a made of town in a
great location. The stores and such are well Bourgeoisie with their Ross and
their Circuit City and their Boston Market.

The Patton Oswalt show was good despite the extra ticket. In the queue met
this adorable woman (who had a Boyfriend) who had this quirky sense of
humor. She runs a website where people rant about things.

Am wearing my new Mephistos which are quite nice.

Quite a few people have said that I should be a "character actor". As I am
not really willing to do the starving artist or community theater routine
but if you are a film maker and you are well paying above scale and you need
someone to be in your movie film then I may be interested.

I am annoyed by the growth of bank branches in the city. Those places make
me sad especially when I see frumpy women wearing denim with a sign that
says, "they were allowed to dress casual because they donated money..." I do
like going into banks and getting $2 bills so I could be the guy who pays
for things with a $2 bill.

Went to Bed Bath and Beyond as I had a coupon for 20% off. It seems the
whole store is full of people with those coupons. Anyway I get a new vacuum
The shopping center was full of teenagers littering and spitting.


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