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Through the misery of others, I got a really good deal on Mephisto fred containers. It was a quick return on kharma when I was sitting on the street with Raider and Brando. This woman sat down and did some damage on a 7 11 hot dog and looked like the theme song of her life was not Joe Walsh's greatest solo hit "Life's been good to me so far". I was not going to include the title of the song but many of my readers are not as well versed in 70's album rock.

Well I digress as I wanted to use 1970's album rock to illustrate the general misery of this woman on the other bench. I was leaving a long message for Heather G to pass onto Patton Oswalt concerning Captain 20 with some nonesense thrown in about a fake career in voice over and biodegrable cigarretes (this woman, who probably could not open doors with a smile or hold candles to debutantes in Houston or have lots of pretty pretty boys that she calls friends threw her cigarette butt onto the ground.) I was sitting with the dogs and I turned to her and said, "looks like you are having a tough day" and she started talking about the rough day selling fred containers. I enquired if they 1 sell Mephistos or Eccos and 2 if they were on sale.

(on a side note, the couple I am sitting next to in Plutos in the room without a window is totally having an affair. They are discussing divorce rates. The woman has a young child in a stroller.

Back to the fred containers and the misery. I returned Raider and Brando then walked to the store and found a pair of Mephistos for less than 50 percent of their normal price. so now I am walking through the streets of palo alto with a new pair of Mephistos.

You can get more mileage from a pair of sneakers compared to speakers.

So Mindie and crowd are going to arrive quite late and I have a Pizza from Chicago en route. Debating going to the UD event in Mountain View or chilling in the crib. At least I have a legimite social excuse to get out if I get made of wood which is picking someone up from the airport. In fact that is the best excuse. The person could be months away but still true on some level.


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