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3 point 2

After toiling I drove up to the city to run 3.2 miles with someone I mostly know from the ether. We both run about the same pace which was 9:28. I need to run 3.2 miles on my 37th Bday which is Thursday. If anyone wants to run and your about my pace let me know. I will be running 5.25 miles every other day in 2008 so I will run 1000 miles for the year.

Jeff told me that I needed to buy more christmas cave prizes. Yesterday I got Raider and Brando lighted leashes as they are black dogs and are hard to see. I got a popcorn maker for the compound. I want it in production upon my arrival. I need to tell people things that I want like fancy pants shaving lotion or thorlos.

We will be going en mass to the New York City for a day of eating Pizza and bagels. should be fun. Perhaps they will be offering sweet lime on the train? Hopefully we will not be thrown off or the train does not get lost. Need to get a laminated agenda.

I am listening to "could well be in" by the streets and wishing I could have a do over. Maybe I should have paid more attention to that show on ITV.

On Chestnut street. Would like to get a weekend dog sitting gig on the street. Need to put up a website about my dog sitting prowess. Perhaps I could have a show on one of those dumb channels and I could yell at my assistants.

Musical Interlude: Jolene by Dolly Parton.

The dogs on chestnut street are way nicer than the dogs in crown colonic. (they are a few objections but Cosmo is not getting any competion from this field). These dogs did not get the memo about my awesomeness. It is confusing for all parties. Its like they are in a galaxy too close near a black hole (which was one of those things I was concered about as a child) Maybe the dogs of clown colony need to listen to the Brian Wilson song "good vibrations". Maybe I should become Mayor of Daly City (not really)
Was thinking about the presidential election and was thinking about registering as a republican to vote for Ron Paul. I need to find out if that is actually necessary because I want to avoid being affilited with any political party especially with the 6000 year old earth crowd. I should make a trip to the creation science muesem in Kentucky and take a poll of the attendees.

If you are thinking of cave prizes, I need 13,000 United Miles to fly business class to Argentina. Imagine how much cuter the puppies will be if I am well rested? Perhaps they can tell the dogs of Clown Colonic that I am friend to doggies and they should roll on their belly when they see me instead of barking like a lunatic.

On December 30 I am going to see one of my favorite comics, Larry the (just kidding....) Patton Oswald. was able to score half price tickets on Gold Star Events.


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