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In a Food Coma....

I have no one but myself to blame for the food related stupor that I find
myself currently in.

I went to the Enterprise Reunion at Google at building 41. This was my
second time to eat there since May. If anyone is reading this and is
thinking, you know if I could have a meal with anyone in driving distance of
the Googleplex I would have to say, Marcus Ronaldi! then I am available for
post toil dinners (lunch does not work for the most part)

Met Mindie, Will and Monica in the lobby of building 41. We then all went
over to Charlies where I had crab bisque, pizza, some spinach (an illusion
of a healthy meal) and some crab. Was not a big fan of the crab but that was
me being picky about the one thing I can cook well.

Music Interlude: I am digging the Oh What a Night by Wyclef Jean.... Next
year at this time I want to sell out the garden or at least have my parents
have a proper popcorn Mac Hine and being able to watch the *Baisden* After
Dark television show. I wonder what my beverage will be when I appear on the
show? I am currently drinking a bottle of Lemon Perrier which was delivered
from Safeway. You are probably thinking that my monocle has been sent off
for a proper dusting but it makes sense to get you groceries delivered if
you get a coupon. Actually at $9 it even makes sense.

On an unreported detail from this weekend, I found these beans in my
cupboard and they were of undetermined age. I could not exchange them for
any livestock or grow a bean stock so I made a soup (soaking them overnight
and such). The soup came out well and I was given a new soup recipe.

Music Interlude: Vacation, Belinda Carlisle is stlll hot.

Here is another entry from the blog sphere about Gwen's first Hanakah.
I think a food making Mac Hine is a fine gift especially in this day and age
of Rachel Rays and Food TV. I came up with using the Entertainment Book way
before Rachel Ray but I guess she is maybe a little perkier than me.

Music Interlude: Beachwood Sparks By Your Side (which is a cover of the Sade

Ran two miles in the complex which was kind of made of wood. My neighbor
came round to talk to me about something going on in the building and asked
why I did not have a thing on my door.

I had a dream that I was in Germany around 1930 and I had to think of way to
stick it to Hitler without speaking German. A very large tree fell in the


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