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The B'mox is in the house...

a fairly accurate litmus test if part of you can be considered "young" is if the rappers that are selling their CD's on the street try to sell you. If I appeared as someone who was a Thatcher supporter I doubt he would waste his pitch on me. None the less I am going to post a "shout out" to Master Don whose single should be on iTunes.

On the way from toil I stopped at Costco and I realized the combination of the queue length and my lack of patience with queues would preclude me from buying that karoke mac hine, the bag of pretzels that is as big as my head or gallons of soup. I am thinking I am not going to continue my Costco membership. In embroyo it made sense with buying a bed, gas and an xbox 360 but all of those items had other better options.

my next stop was drug barn. This was not planned. If you looked on my gCal you would not see marcus goes to drug barn but I saw a sign they were having a going out of business sales.

this is another subject but I saw the brett farve commercial where he is playing football with other regular guys. this cannot be fair or realistic. Made me think of Eli and Peyton Mannings other brother.

OK back to going out of business, unless I was selling barns or based in a barn or to the amish I would not name my business barn anything. I could imagine barnsoft.
Like a sucker that fell of the turnip truck the day after his birthday which was yesterday I bought some random crap. some of which i may actually use.

Took BART into the city. With gas prices as high as they are, the equations start to favor taking BART.

Stopped off at a wells fargo and I got a stack of $2 bills which make me seen mysterious and on the edge. Perhaps the rapper I spoke of earlier in the show knew I was flush with $2 which meant that I am on the cutting edge.

Will be hosting an event at Vertigo which may be my biggest for a while. I like being the b'mox of the evening. even if I complain you know I like being the b'nox... I briefly considered getting name tags and giving everyone new names that did not match their real names but then I thought this was one of those meta jokes that I only I get and it confuses everyone. Sort of like the 1970's and the bit with the weeping willow and the star wars like thing (looking back the original battlestar galatica was not much better...) If you do not understand, assume its part of a meta joke. Like the popcorn or checks for $.34.

Speaking of which, I got the compound a proper popcorn maker. It is a self serving cave prize and I will be expecting it in full working order upon my arrival.

Now some readers will be in total rage about this public disclosure of a christmas gift prior to the 25th when Christ was born on a Middle Eastern snowy night 2007 nights ago. But in a completely self serving gesture I want the folks to tear open the package and become experts in making proper popcorn. I would recommend going to the amish store.

meta jokes abound because the b'mox is in the house! I really like hulu because you can watch the simpsons, the office and arrested development on demand. (you need a high speed internet connection) as they do not charge I do not mind promoting BUT if you are looking for a b'mox to reach the blogsphere..... Now I know why you would need a remote for my computer. Plus I am kinda wishin I spent the extra money on a larger computer because if I am watching arrested development from across the room It looks like one of those tvs that populate single womens apartments (on the opposite are the men who have a 52 inch plasma for their studio) Now if I could transmit hulu from my computer to my TV bigger than me....

I am considering if listening to my iPod while at a place playing music is rude. I am listening to Myrna Minkoff by the autodropouts . One of my favorite songs and the band personally contacted me to listen to the song. they saw the value in reaching an opposite of fred out to the b'mox because they know I am a mover and shaker.

speaking of bands that only i have heard of, I am digging the New Dylans. Maybe I should talk Tom Jones into covering Flaming Lip songs.


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