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Did not lose my wallet....

I was going into the city for the Yelp party. For those of you who do not
know, Yelp is this website where people over analysis things like the Dump
in Deale.
Anyway I called Frank Chu to make sure he was going to keep it real.

Had some time to kill prior to the party (I wish it would have started at
7:00 but that is the story of my life) and I bought Autonauts of the
Cosmoroute which was not about Cosmo.
Was reading it at Peetes coffee (which is not owned by Rodney Peete) and I
got a free half cup of coffee. I do not like coffee shoppes that do not have
restrooms. If I was in charge of the law, I would make it a crime (along
with most large backpacks)

I saw a queue was forming. Being the man of reasonable intelligent
independent thought I darted across the street to join the queue.
Someone came round asking to see my ID and I reached into my pocket and I
noticed I was sans wallet. I imagined someone stealing my identity and
enjoying all of the perks of being Marcus Ronaldi.
I left my place in the queue and I darted back to the coffee shoppe (wow, I
was able to use two British Spellings...)

Pointless musical interlude....

Happily they did not close AND I found my wallet under the table.
I was considering not going to the Yelp party as I figured it would be made
of wood but figured it would be well worth writing about...

Got back into the common people queue and I saw Frank Chu. I told him that
as a Super Hero he did not have to wait in the queue.

Saw that Frank, the Icon got into the party. Saw Dory, who turns out is
going to interview at the Gap thanks to store 1038 and a Corgi.

It was a fun party. I am SO glad I did not lose my wallet.


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