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Time for a quiz

(Marcus trivia...... and no one in my family is eligible)
1) What is Marcus Ronaldi's all time favorite Christmas song?

It was a gray rainy day when I woke up. Besides the drive, I do not mind
toiling during bad weather because I am indoors.

Was going to go to Google for lunch but I had a call at 1 PM so I had to
pass so I had some of my fellow toilers get me some carry out from a pho

It was my running day but it was cold and I was not too looking forward to
it so I went to 24 Hour Fitness. Why do people not use towels at the 24 hour
fitness on the Mac Hines? I get made of wood on the treadmill.

Being healthy/fit is made up of many small choices. I was considering going
to the Moonstar Buffet or the Mexican place for Happy Hour but I thought,
you know I really did not need to go. Went back to my pad and I make chicken
and spinach. I think there is some fitness book about being cheap AND
healthier. I should look up the book.

Reparked my car and it turns out Drew got the spot.

I want to get some loose fancy pants loose tea but they do not sell it at
either Trader Joes or Starbucks. Monica picked me up one of those things
that you put the loose tea in the metal thing.

Spoke to John Stokes who is in Lynchburg. He will not be making a cross
country trip to see the 6 and 6 terps. He explained that 2 out of every 3
people in San Francisco went to Maryland or some other statistic that did
not make sense.

The MarcusMobile is running well and I can see it lasting at least another
50,000 miles.


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