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Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we got to see Frank Pleasant not once but twice. We were not able to find out which candidate he is supporting for the 2008 election.
Some of this entry is out of sequence....
While Andrea and I walked along Deale Churchton road some fools blew an airhorn at us. This is one of those situations that remote choking would make for a better day.

I am not sure but I inserted my fred into my mouth at KMart because many of the opposite of freds were wearing flannel pajamas. I then started going on about lazer eye surgery deepening the nonesense I was in. But so it goes. I am suprised that Nick Lowe is not more popular.

I need to get "Marcus is right" as my ring tone. I can hear that all day and night. This came as my estimation on the amount of time a pot roast needed to be cooked. Also came up with a novel travel solution.

I am waiting to get on a flight to Atlanta. Damn, Chik Filet will be closed as it is Sunday. Maybe they have some heathons or heretics working. Honestly I do not know if they even have one. I have a long lay over. Maybe I should pay attention when shopping for flights.

It was a small plane and I am not tall but I almost hit the ceiling. I have no idea why they routed me to Atlanta. Fred Thompson is on the TV. I think he is best suited to deal with issues related to the USSR. I got the feeling that my atl to sfo flight will be FULL. I am glad I postponed this evening as I will only want to get my traveling dust off and go to club bed.

My ideal seating situation (besides an odd upgrade) would be poor mans first class shared with well look up the quote about Albert Einstein and the spending of time. Maybe a dog in the middle seat.

As the late Douglas Adams said, there is no word in any language that means "pretty as an airport". I am hoping that I get to see a bit of the Redskin game before flying to SFO. Maybe find something that is regional for Atlanta but I am guessing that I will find loads of chains.

Maybe if I find a waffle house. if they offered carbon freezing I think I would take them up on it. Maybe suspended antimation. I would not be a good astronaut.

At this point you can probably tell that I am trying to kill time. I was considering "getting my drink on" but being on a crowded plane with a winding buzz turning into a hungover is a jive way to spend a sunday afternoon.
So I decided to have a coffee at starbucks. (there was no Coffee adventure or Java Beach at the atlanta airport) Here comes the shock, for the third time in the last month I had a coffee beverage assigned to me spilled. This time by the barista. It barely got on me and with my cat like reflexes I moved out of the way. As I was not harmed and I got something to tell you about.

I found an esquire and traditional magazines are unreadable with theur forced openings of stupid ads.

whenever i can, i like to walk between terminals than take the trams or what not. I walked through an african sculpture exhibit. Also took loads of random pictures that I will post upon my return.

I am going to trick myself from grumpiness to happiness. I will imagine Stelly and Cosmo on their new soft doggie beds. I do not like tables that wobble but happily I am not dealing with that and i have power.

smoking lounges of airports depress me. I saw some loser parking his baby outside while he shortened his life.

I hate to admit it but I like Starbucks when I cannot get to an indepdent coffee shoppe. The lighting and the sound offers a nice break from the yuckiness of the general airport. they are playing a franklin. I need to rewatch the movie Blues Brothers.

Last night I made my way to the home of Patrick Henry College but not before stopping at a dump in Anne Arundel county and taking the New Carollton Metro. The Holidays are not complete without a trip to the sudley road dump. Perhaps I should put every business in Deale and Churchton in yelp. The last trip was dropping off the remains of my old eMac.

Last night I had a couple of sam adams, a barley wine (called Blithering Idiot), and some spiced cider with rum. I am sure that was information that my readership wanted to know.

This entry was like a Peter Jackson movie as it goes on and on...


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