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Target + Didgeridoo

So I get an IM from Bryon Wasserman DEMANDING I blog about an ad he got

Now this is interesting on a number of levels. First off, someone demanding,
or might I say controlling the greatest blog, which is a form of controlling
the media (albeit on a small scale....)

Second, this is something that I would be interested in but I doubt my
neighbors would be thrilled with me playing the Didgeridoo. Now I use a mac
hine but I do not need the use of alarm clock. I am not one of these people
who has any issues waking up.

Now back to my day before demands from the readership...
About a week ago I went to Target where I applied for a credit card and did
not get automatic approval. I know that Target is high brow but was thrown
for a loop. I looked around the store and wondered if everyone had better
credit. My main motivation was to get 10% off on my XBox 360, my sheets for
my new bed and a new vacuum cleaner.

(The new Springsteen album is pretty good)

So I got approved. I am sure they had a meeting and sent me my voucher for
10% off. Went to visit my neighbor Mary who is doing quite well.
Went to the Colma Target where they did not have the model I wanted so I
went to the Seramonte but this woman said I should hold off for post
Thanksgiving and as none of the items were in pressing I went on my way.

Last Night I saw a movie at the Parkway called, Before the devil know's your
dead. Good Movie but I needed to sit under a bridge..
Not the feel good movie of the year. Got me all anxious and kind of
paranoid. I guess it was a good movie if I was still disturbed a day later.
This was the most disturbing movie I saw prior



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