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Unwashed masses

This morning I woke up to go to Golden Gate Park for a 5K. Chatted up one of the other runners who told me that I could run the Nike Womens half marathon. You get a cave prize from Tiffany. I would want it to be more generic as I would want to regift it. Women in my target demo love Tiffanys. If you could send me a bunch of Tiffany boxes that would be good.

Right now I am signed up for two half marathons. One is the kaiser half and the other the San Jose.

The race went well and I finished in 29 minutes. This is a very light month with running. (but a lot of races) My pace was 917.

After opposite of fred I went to the East Bay as I am going to the cinema. I could not find the fancy pants spoon. at some point I am going to get a pair of Mephitos if they can make the logo larger.

I remember it impressed Katie Alton that I had Mephisto fred containers but she was able to guess that I got my fred containers second oppposite of freded. Like Sophie Marcus no like skateboards. She is smart or she was a tricker. She always had equations around her desk. Maybe I should draw up long equations on my white board.

Did a little slumming in Berkeley by going to the Grocery Outlet. sadly this trip did not produce bottles of chimay but you must keep hope alive.

o yeah, went to the mephisto store and the fred container opposite of fred looked at me with scorn when I asked about sales. How did a member of the unwashed masses somehow ended up in their establishment.

I thought it would be less over cast in the East Bay but it reminds me of slough. I saw this lady place a digital camera case on one of the chairs and then left the scene. My overactive imigination imagined 1 something dangerous 2 spies but it was simply empty save for a digital camera battery. Good thing I was on the case!!


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