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In a quiet coffee shop across from a sound studio in Tokyo. A cover of
don't think twice by Bob Dylan plays on the stereo. Drinking a nice coffee
and having a cramp relay as I watch the couple prepare for their dinner
service. Wondering how long the shop has been open and what is there
Missed a gingerbread house with a Santa Claus on the counter.
Waiting for my cell phone to be fully recharged and for my air B&B to be
ready. On a long trip like this there many moments of waiting. Waiting for
your pants to drive. Waiting for your flight. Waiting till and. Waiting to
get off your flight. Waiting to get through customs. Waiting to get your
luggage. Waiting to get to your place.
All of it is just as much of a valid part of travel as a moment when you
are playing with an elephant. You only moment you have is the moment you
are in customs. You only moment you have is the moment you are sitting on
the tarmac. That is all you have.
I have dragged my trusty small blue wheeled suitcase across many countries
in many cities. The final check in before I return to Daly City with a more
solid appreciation for the Comfort of my own bed and the view from my
beautiful deck with my wonderful Jade plants overlooking the hot tub and
What percentage of your life is playing with elephants and what percentage
is waiting for something that might be a short time for a long time?
Appreciate the Costco hot dog as much as the A5 Waygu take you up traveled.
Travel and life is not simply the wonderful moments but also the a annoying
sometimes self created misery such as being on a hot bus across the
Cambodian countryside or a terrifying awful hotel room in Kuala Lumpur.
Wondering about the origin story of that gingerbread house on the counter
of the Japanese coffee shop across from the recording studio. Was it a
gift? Was it in intention purchase? Is it brought out ever year? Did either
of them ever believe in Santa Claus?


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