First full day fasting

Yesterday I did not eat.
I did not eat breakfast. I did not eat lunch. I did not eat dinner.

I did not have a snack.

Drank bone broth, sparkling water and black coffee. 

Right now I have not eaten anything since Wednesday at lunch. 

Been doing intermittent fasting for a bit (where you create an eating window) but figured I would try a full day fast.

I feel fine. I am not hungry or weak. 

A few weeks ago I weighed myself and I was WAY off course despite running, lifting and kind of watching what I was eating. 

Figured I needed to try a new tactic and I came across some podcasts that discussed the benefits of fasting.
Picked up an audiobook from Jason Fung.

The breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snack model makes sense if you are doing strenuous work.

Expected this to be far worse. Thought I would be hangry but I am not at all. 

Peckish but not hungry. Not light headed. Not feeling as compelled to the kitchen. 

Right now at 42 hours of fasting.

#fasting #intermittentfasting

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