Jumpstart failure

Generally I try to be a helpful person when I can.
A fellow DalyCitizen stopped me and asked if I could jump start my car.
Was wondering to myself 1) why this person did not have roadside assistance 2) why I did not walk to where I was going 3) if I could get one of those things that jumpstart without having to involve my car.
His car was parked head first at an angle and to get to his battery I would need to push it back so I could give this person a jump start.
It was a black car and so I needed to grab towels.
Was not able to push the car back.

At this point he said, "I'll just call AAA"
I asked him, "You have AAA?"
He said, "Of course"

So my good deed for the day was accomplished even if I was not able to start the car.

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