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May. 6th, 2016

This is what happened.
Was early to see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco.
Had some time to kill and was going to a taqueria.
On a busy street I saw a Junkie breaking the glass of an SUV and probably
not my wisest moment I expressed my displeasure at his course of action.
He was wearing a huge hoodie. Was a white guy between 25 and 35. He ran
off. (the police officer asked for a description)
Another gentleman that was watching acted like he was going to call the
cops but then he scampered off.

Stood at the car as one of the back windshields was smashed and I called
A guitar case and other musical instruments were exposed.

Police came in about 5 minutes.
Described what I saw and we waited for the guy to go back to his car.
He was going to either take the guitar to the station for safekeeping.

Had a nice discussion about the increase in property crime.
Told me that in the early 1990's crime was higher but then they took a
tough on crime approach and put people in prison for a while.

Up until a few years ago they were able to put drug users in jail if they
did not go into treatment.

No, they no longer have that option (of putting someone in jail). Hence the
complete open air use of the hardest drugs you imagine.

Hard drug use fuels the need to break into cars...

If you are in San Francisco, do not have anything of value visible or
anything that can be of perceived value.
A junkie will just as easily break into a car for a bag of socks compared
to a laptop.

In the past year I have spent time in Japan, Nashville, Seattle, Washington
DC, and Portland. None of which has the extensive problem with property


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