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Looking for a job

You are in the process of looking for a job.
Maybe your unemployed, underemployed or your current employer just hired
someone with less experience for $5000 more and they claim they are unable
to adjust your salary.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

Looking for a job is an endeavor that you can fail at 99.5% or more and
still be wildly successful. Embrace the failure as part of the process. You
will be told you have too little or too much experience. You may be
interviewing and suddenly the position gets put on hold.

Your goal in the application process is to increase your response rate when
you submit your resume/cover e-mail.
Just because you can write your own resume does not necessarily mean you
I see quite a few resumes from smart people that are poorly written with
terrible formatting. Font changes and spelling issues happen far more
frequently. Even if the position does not involve any writing this shouts
For less than $200 you can get your resume re-written and re-formatted to
ensure that it is not working against you. You could even have them
customize different resumes for different positions.
If you were selling your house, would you use a real estate agent and have
someone stage the house for possible buyers? You pay extra money for this
service but you may get more money and it may sell faster. Take this same
approach to looking or a job. You could get a higher paying job in less
time which easily pays for itself.
I look at resumes all day/every day but if I needed to apply for a job I
would outsource that function to someone who is a stronger writer.

I would not worry so much about using fancy formatting to stand out because
your resume will be parsing your resume into a database.
The following article clearly illustrates what happens to your resume after
you push submit
Robots reading your resume

As far as length of resume, I would not worry about it being too long, up
to a point. You need to make sure the words in the jobs show up in your
resume (if you do have that experience)
With that being said, I have gotten resumes that were between 32 and 100
pages and it was not from Winston Churchill or Bill Gates.

Not every job ever held needs to be included. Also when writing a resume do
not simply include a cut and pasted job description but clearly demonstrate
how you were exceptional in that role by providing clear examples.
Also be careful with trying to bowl over those reading your resume with the
extent of your experience. If you are applying for an individual
contributor role that states they are looking for between 3 to 5 years of
experience, leading off with your 30 years of far more advanced experience
will not get you selected.
If you are taking a significant step back, make it clear you are aware of
that and provide an explanation.

Most cover e-mails are terrible. They are over-generalized and vague. I
have over 1000 resumes that claim they are "uniquely qualified" for
whatever vague job they applied for.
Use the cover e-mail to clearly show that you understand what job you
applied for and map your experience to the requirements. If you cannot
clearly demonstrate how you are a match then you should not be applying.
One of the best cover letter format is called the T Letter which takes the
requirements of the position and builds into a table and then it shows how
the applicants experience matches it.
The “T” Cover Letter – The Only Type Worth Sending

Along with the resume, you can outsource the writing of cover e-mails and
submitting your resume. Consider offering a combination of an hourly rate
with a bonus upon getting a job offer. Check out the 4 Hour Work week on
ideas on outsourcing and virtual assistants.

You will often hear, "looking for a job is a full time job". Unfortunately
many people hear that as applying for jobs is a full time and there is a
quick declining return on submitting your resume.

Stay organized of where and when you applied. Use a system like an ATS
(Applicant Tracking System) on where you applied, when and who you sent
your resume to.

Check out Jibberjobber <http://www.jibberjobber.com/login.php> to get your
job search organized.

A very good book about being pro-active in your job is "Headhunter" Hiring
Secrets: The Rules of the Hiring Game Have Changed . . . Forever!


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