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Raleigh airport

I am not sure, if this is either fair or it if it even makes sense but I
will often judge a city or even a country by the quality of the airport.
For example my hour spent walking around the Iceland airport makes me think
that the Icelandic people have everything together.
For some odd reason, I booked a flight that took me from Dulles Airport in
Virginia to Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina. I used miles which sometimes
takes you on interesting routes.
I was really impressed with how modern the airport seemed and the fact they
had decent shops and good people watching. turns out Raleigh Durham is the
Silicon Valley of North Carolina.
Two cities that I give very low marks for their airport and I kind of judge
the city based on that is one Los Angeles and two Memphis. both of those
seemed like they were designed by a suicidal architect whose budget was cut
halfway through the design process.

On a completely different note, I rarely give actual cash to hobos and
vagrants or drifters but near the end of my run in the Churchton/Deale
Metroplex I stopped for a coffee at High's. a very sketchy guy was
counting his nickels and pennies in order to buy a gallon of gas to get out
of this horrible town I saw that he actually had a car that he was in the
process of actively filling. So I contributed to dollars to his cause of
getting away from Churchton so he can continue his hardscrabble way in
either Lothian or lower Marlboro.


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