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Run and Headphones

No in the end of the year I will be on for flights and that means three
days of traveling which is kind of a pain in the butt and one of the things
were the many things about flying that annoys me is. And go so I treated
myself to a set of noise noise canceling headphones at the Costco in South
San Francisco and prior to that I waited for a 6 mile run along the path
the Baypath is near Genentech and I were pretty good pesos really happy
with it I ran about a 42 pace hopefully will be a will to keep up when I go
down to orange county and then I went to the spin class at crunch at the
Serramonte mall in daily city the heart rate monitor makes a use different
about the level of effort that I put forth in class I really wish that I
had that prior.
This morning I saw the doodle in the complex and was thinking about how
dogs are so good at reading people more so that other people and other
animals and you can't get a more enthusiastic reading then from a dog.
My cat Asha just jumped on my lap as I was going on about how good of
agreement dogs give my cat is pretty affectionate.
Among the legs of the trip that I think are most likely to be bumped is
when I travel from orange county to Denver hopefully I will be a will to
get bumped onto a direct flight from LAX to Dulles and I could sit there
with my noise canceling headphones and ignore everyone hopefully I will be
able to sit in Poriance first class and have a nice relaxing flight among
all the legs of the trip
Brought the bones from eating chicken wings at Chevys last night for the
science project and I remembered why I do not eat chicken wings anymore
cause they were kind of gross and I do like chicken but not with all that
yucky sauce
The selection of beer at Chevys was also kind underwhelming and I'm not
huge margarita fan
We ended up getting frozen yogurt at the place and Sarah Monty and they do
not have self-serve sample cups when I open my own frozen yogurt place
there will be no samples ever will have to know what you want for dinner


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