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Fast Metabolism Diet Day -1

Tomorrow I will be starting the Fast Metabolism Diet so I will blog my
progress, questions, issues etc.
It is a four week program where each week is broken down into three phases.
If you start on a Monday, phase 1 is Monday and Tuesday, phase 2 is
Wednesday and Thursday, Phase 3 is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
You eat and snack at specific times and of course a specific quantity of
different foods on each phase.
The last few days I have been getting prepared by
1) ensuring I have phase specific foods on hand
2) Got measuring cups/spoons (I had a digital scale)
3) Getting rid of all foods not allowed on the program.

A few things that are not allowed during the 28 days is
1) coffee
2) dairy
3) refined/processed sugars
4) alcohol
5) Diet soda

I am having my last cup of coffee and eating my breakfast with loads of
cheese on my eggs.
Amazingly the hardest thing to go without, is the coffee.

My refrigerator is half full of pasta salad and potato salad as I am going
to a picnic. These are items I normally would not eat (and they are
obviously not on the program)
My girlfriend did the program and we were introduced to some fantastic
foods. I got a Vitamix and discovered how to make almond butter, guacamole,
humus and smoothies.

My start weight is 239. My goal weight is 225. I am not sure if that is a
realistic goal after 28 days. I would be thrilled with 230 for the end of
this program.

I plan on repeating this program in January. (I typically do not drink in
January so this makes it easy)

So each day I will post my weight and any other random thoughts.


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