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When the mundane becomes exciting

I am glad I do not work at a Gas Station.
Boredom is mixed in with annoyed customers interrupted by the possibility
of disaster or robbery.

I knew that my propane had run out so I needed to exchange tanks so that I
could grill.
For the most part, this would be an annoying dull experience but today was

It seemed a guy in a white van got into an argument with a guy with gold
teeth with the smallest scooter I have ever seen.
They were shouting things at each other. I am not quite sure why they were
arguing but something about being too old to being on that size of scooter.
The gentleman in the van pulled out of the active area of the gas station.
Got out of his van to continue the rather antimated discussion with the
gentleman with the gold teeth and the tiny scooter.
While this was going on I was giving my credit card to the cashier so I can
exchange my propane container. He was unmoved to the excitement and
continued my transaction.
The two gentlemen escalated their conversation into a wrestling match with
a few punches. The guy in the van threw the guy from the tiny scooter and
the gold teeth onto the hood of another patrons car. This patron expressed
concern over this.
Based on my interest in boxing, if the two of them would have turned to me
and asked for my opinion to "score" the fight I would awarded the victory
to the guy in the van.
When the guy went back into his van the guy with the gold teeth and tiny
scooter pulled out an iPhone to take pictures of the guy that he had the
altercation with and shouted things to the van as it pulled away.
I got my canister of propane and was on my way.


Marcus Ronaldi

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