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Random Sunday Moonrise Kingdom

It was a random Sunday as I had nowhere really to go after dropping Heather
off at the airport. (that was my only time in SF for both Saturday and
After the drop off, I went for a run along the San Mateo coast to Coyote
Point. Great trail. How did I not know of it?
Turns out they charge a lot for produce at the airport. Everything at the
airport is crazy priced. When did they make that decision?

My next stop was down 101 at the IKEA for breakfast. Like to pretend that I
am in Sweden.

Next step was the San Jose International Flea Market. 90% of the vendors I
would not take anything if it was free. That is how I feel about most
Listened to a country band while an older Asian couple did a bit of a line
dance. They looked like they were really enjoying the moment.
Wandered into the corner where they had a guy selling cars. The car I saw
was a 2007 Nissan Sentra that was $15000 so I was wondering if he was
targeting chumps.
(For the record, KBB is $12500 for a 2007)
On the way out, I stopped off at a junkyard that charged $2 admission. Saw
a Nissan Sentra but I could only find one moldy visor.

Next stop was Sports Basement where I wandered into a Team in training
event. Sadly they did not have the foam roller I wanted to get Heather.
Will also get that trigger point thing.

Went looking for a car wash coupon but I guess I did not have access to a
printer. Had a coffee at the Starbucks in San Jose.
Got my car washed for the first time in a long time. Well worth it.
If I spent all day washing my car it would not be as clean.

Went to Hertz Car Sales and they had a ton of Altimas and a couple Prius.
Felt more pressure at the Nissan Dealership.

Drove to the OTHER South San Francisco Costco where I got kitty litter and
movie passes.

My last stop was in San Bruno to see Moonrise Kingdom. I liked the movie
but if you are not a Wes Anderson movie, pass. If you are a fan, go see it.


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