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This Week

Have not written a blog entry as I am converting from a Standard Gmail
account to a Google Apps account. I am sure you are losing sleep about that
but I think it is best when communicating to have your own domain.
I just saved you from having to take Ambien.

Monday made juice and mostly hung around Daly City. Ran 5 miles. It was a
fairly nice day. September and October are my favorite months. Turns out I
won the fantasy football thing by one point because the Raiders kicker broke
the nfl record. This sorts everything out.

Donated blood on Tuesday. It is something I actually enjoy. My blood
pressure was really good (116/68). In a weird way, running (or being active)
can replace the need for a lot of pills. Remember back in 2000 when I ran
into my neighbor that ran a half marathon and I was hung over. The ROI of
drinking is low (like buying into NFLX who have been tanking their stock
like the Houston Rockets in 1982 and 1983)

Listening to a cover of Sundown on Spotify. Always liked that song (Sundown)
and also songs about Maritime situations (Down Easter Alexi & Wreck of
Edmond Fitzgerald).

Wednesday I had a coupon for Jamba Juice so I walked to the mall. Started a
conversation with one of the patrons who turned out to be an Englishman who
decided to come to America because he got a bunch of eggs during the Korean
War. What is your first thought when you think of the Korean War?
(M*A*S*H) I have never seen the movie...
Told me the tale of surviving going over a cliff in a truck coming back from
leave in Japan. Also the Australians rarely got shot at.

If you do 20 greatest hits of most artist, you will have a cover of "If not
for you". My next Karaoke song...

Drove a couple of friends to Vegas, they did not budget as much time as
Marcus does because well, I budget WAY too much time at airports. I think
most stress in life is caused by not properly allocating time. It was more
complicated getting the laptop than Mr Brady's plans)

We tied our kickball game. Most times that would annoy but it was against a
solid team experienced side compared to losing to an expansion team on
Sunday. Went 2 for 2. We tied 3 to 3. Felt like Evander Holyfield against
either John Ruiz or Lennox Lewis or Gus Frerotte. (Gus Frerotte never fought
Holyfield but had a tie against the Giants when he head butted the goal

At this point I think this is the first time in the history of the Internet
that brought up Evander Holyfield, kickball, Gus Frerotte and the Korean

Ran five miles today. Will be hitting my goal of 1000 miles within the next
couple of weeks. Did my flexibility class followed by running up and down


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