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Despite my best efforts felt bummed on the 10 years since 9/11.
One of those days that I could remember where I was, what I was doing, who I
was with...

Was in Maryland staying with my parents as I had an event in Northern
Virginia scheduled for that night.
None of it made any sense when it was explained to me. Took me a while to
Was on the phone with the Washington Post and they were asking me to decide
if the event should be cancelled.
They were quite a few rumors of other places that had been hit.

Before I knew what happened, I knew that it had to be cancelled (it would
not have mattered what I decided to do as many roads were closed)

With Cosmo and dogs know what to do in dark times.
(thinking back in times of sadness, dogs that I did not even know sensed it
and were able to comfort me)

Drove my Mom to Upper Marlboro as she had to get a delivery. Amazingly Upper
Marlboro was a ghost town and I walked around the school house pond.
Later she had me measured for a Tuxedo. Still have it. Found a note from my
Mom in the tuxedo years later, after she passed.

Went to Waldorf to see my Sister. Got a phone call from an idiot who was
wondering why I cancelled the event.
We took Sophie to Southern Maryland Amish country and to a park. Obviously
it was empty. Saw a flag pole and raised the flag.

Looking for a place to eat in Waldorf and most places were closed except for
Chik Filet. Many places had hand written signs.

The attack on the Pentagon was far more real to me than the WTC simply
because I was far closer and grew up knowing people who worked in and around

This is one of those days I am glad I do not have CNN/Foxnews or MSNBC. I
cannot forget.


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