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Signs at a second rate Mexican restaurant

For the most part, when I blog or post an update I try to make myself look
like I am a happening member of society. Sometimes this is boring for all
but maybe two people in the world and most of those people live in a cave.
Anyway had an incident that if I need to make a montage of my life and I
want to be appear cool then I would not include this incident that happened
yesterday at the Celia's in Daly City.
During one of my runs around Daly City (for the record, I am at 902 miles
for the year) I saw that Celia's had a happy hour with $2 appetizers.
It was Friday afternoon and I figured I would check it out.
Sat at the end of the bar and I order the $2 appetizers sampler and a glass
of ice water (did not feel like drinking). It was OK, worth about $2 and
would give the frozen section of Target a run for its money. The bill came
to $2.17 and I left a $5 bill and was on my way. (Over 100% tip)
So far this is a boring story.......

Then I walk out of Celia's. The manager comes running out after me and stops
me to tell me that in the future I should also order a drink and not just
the Happy Hour food special. He clearly explained that I did not have to
order an alcoholic drink (as I may be a teetotaler) but I could order a
soda. He then explained the goal of Celia's which is to make some money.
Seemed the bartender alerted the manager who thought it was worth chasing me
out of the place.
We were standing in front of the sign and I pointed this out to him and it
did not say anywhere on the sign anything that suggested that you had to
order a drink. I then explained to him the benefits of clearly written


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