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1000 Runs

Turns out according to Nike + I had my 1000th run. Thinking back when I was
working at Google where they feed you Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and something
called "Snack Attack"
Knew I needed to take some course of action so I decided to start running
again so on February 8th, 2007 I ran .9 miles in just over 10 minutes.
Slowly worked up to a half marathon in the Fall (which was about 2:45)

Each year starting with 2008 I always had the goal of running 1000 miles but
always fell well short. Joined quite a few training groups, met some very
supportive good people and ran quite a few half marathons but always fell
short of the 1000 mile goal.
Right now I am at 860 for the year with just over four months to go. Prior
to this year, the most I ran in a year was 816 (2008)

Here are a few things that I did a little differently

I came across this article about Thomas Jones who was playing on the New
York Jets
This got me into icing my knees and doing sort of ice paths in my pool when
it is not heated.

Started taking a foam rolling and flexibility class.

Next I started getting smarter about what I ate prior and after running.
Overall increased the amount of protein in my diet. Costco is a great source
of eggs (I get the cage free) Also going with grass fed beef
Switched from soy based products to Almond.

Joining training programs and signing up for races increases the positive
social pressure to continue to run. The people that I met via running, both
in High School and now on the Bay Area have been very supportive.

One of the big benefits of running comes in the form of what you are not
doing. I have learned they are many things far more pleasurable than going
for a run after a night of drinking. Learned this on New Years Day 2009 as I
ran in Palo Alto after drinking quite a bit, not fun.
Another observation is that large sandwiches make running as fun as a trip
to the DMV.

My bigger goal is to run a total of 12400 miles between now (where I have
3698) and December 20th, 2020.


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