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Mild Nightmares

Do you know the nightmare when you realize you lost your wallet?
What about when you are told you have to retake your drivers test?
What about being in a queue at a Government office and discover they do not
take credit cards!

Luckily I did not have my teeth become loose.

While I was waiting in the Starbucks before the Sunset Run I found a crystal
cane and I delivered it to the lady that left it behind.
Went for my run (which was sans music because I screwed up the iPod sync

On my way to the end of season party I saw that I did not have my wallet and
split because being concerned about the card would make for being a gem of
Drove park to the parking lot and could not find it.

Called the Starbucks and they did not have my wallet so I would be thrust
into the DMV. Got to the Daly City DMV when one of the other patrons said I
needed a check. I had to confirm I did not end up in a time Mac Hine. Went
back to my house to find a check and got back but then the line was longer.
Filled out the forms and then saw I was not supposed to sign it until I was
in front of Patty and Selma.

Then they said, I had to take the option to get a replacement one or get a
renewal as it expires in December. That meant a vision and a written test.
Was a bit anxious about taking the test. Took it back and front. Turned out
I got a 100% (he only graded one side but considered asking him to grade
both sides)

Then had to buy a wallet. Went to Target and they had a horrible selection.
Then hit up JCP Penny and it was buy one get one half off which is a dumb
promotion for something that you needed to buy once every five years. Got
one at H&M. I hate shopping.


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