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The Beatles meet Google Voice

I am. He as you are. He as you are me and we're all together, see how they
were like takes for my done see how they fly. I'm crying sitting on a corn
flakes waiting for the van de. Com Corporation T-shirtstupid bloody Tuesday.
Man, you gotta naughty boy you at your face grow wall. I am the man. They
are the admin. I Am The Walrus good move. Moved to do. Mr city policeman
sitting pretty littlepolicemen in a row see how they fly like lucy in this
guy see how they were on. I'm crying. I'm crying I'm crying. I'm crying
yellow matter Custer dripping from a debt. Dogs. I, crop blocker fish wife
pornographic Priest is, or even a naughty girl you what your knickers down.
I am the 8 man they are the 8 men I Am The Walrus voodoo through sitting in
English garden waiting for the sun. If the sundon't come, you can get it to
and from standing in the English Wayne. I am the A man they are the Aikman I
am the wall rest. To The. If you do do do do do. Experts expert choking
smokers. Don't youthink the joker last that you see how they smile like
taken a sty see how they tonight. I'm calling seem a local church climbing
up the I full power Elementary paying when Syrian Harry Krishna. Maybeyou
should sing them kicking Edgar Allan Poe. I am the man. They are the Aikman
I am the a walrus. Goo Goo Goo Goo. To to do. Good move to route to do.


Marcus Ronaldi

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