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Free solutions to problems

On occasion people will stop me on the street to ask for solutions and
answers to things such as 1) when will the power get back on? 2) how do I
get on the Internet? 3) How do I solve the nations problems?
So if you are a leader and want to reduce expenses, increase employment,
increase revenue here are a few ideas.

1) Sell the naming rights to American Holidays such as Thanksgiving,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day etc (It would be difficult to sell
naming rights to Holidays celebrated in other places)
Thanksgiving brought to you by Apple. Each year companies would bid on it.

2) Have a federal lottery with prizes that include tax credits. Make the
purchase of lottery tickets to be tax deductible. Throw some tickets in with
the naming.

3) Strongly encourage gas stations owned by the larger companies to have gas
station attendants. This would create loads of jobs. Have these people also
offer federal lottery tickets.

4) Encourage companies to allow telecommuting as much as possible. Set aside
telecommute days to lower the demand for oil which will drive down the cost.
Especially on days of extreme weather. No reason why anyone should be stuck
in a traffic jam in a blizzard or a heat wave.

5) Raise the age to collect social security. When it was set up people were
not living as long. Neither political party is will to bring this up.
Simply raising it by one year to 66 would save quite a bit of money.
Eventually raising it to 70 would be a good idea.

6) The United States has the highest prison population and yet it does not
translate into lower crime. It is a high cost to society and it is very
difficult for those that were in prison to get real jobs once they are out
making it difficult for them to become tax paying members of society. See
number 3 as a possible solution.


Marcus Ronaldi

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