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Not a superhero as far as I know.

This will be my last official Saturday run for a while and we met at the
Beach Chalet. It was some sort of special Dutch Holiday at the Windmill. I
would never want to wear wooden fred containers as I would be concerned
about splinters but I guess they sorted that out.
Sometimes if I am at a store or dealing with someone I will say, just sort
it out!
It was only a few of us running as we ran through Golden Gate Park. My foot
started to go numb on the way back.
When I was done I was at 127 miles for the month (which is 15 miles more
than January 2011 and 34 miles more than my previous best) and 447 miles for

On the way back to Clown Colony I saw a sign for BBQ and it turned out to be
some sort of open house at Korean Central Presbyterian Church, so it was a
bit different than most days. I guess it would not be a good time to joke
about visting North Korea. It was a community event and I ended up meeting
the Mayor Carol Klatt the chief of Police and David Canepa. It was one time
that I sort of wished that I was dressed like a super hero because I imagine
that super heroes end up talking to those types of folks quite a bit but to
clarify, I am currently not, nor have I ever been a superhero (but I could
be bitten by a radioactive Standard). It was a nice event and I am a big fan
of kimchee

When I got home I saw that I was 2.85 miles away from very round numbers and
despite having sore legs ran around the complex to get myself to 130 miles
for the month and 450 miles for the year. I only need to run 69 miles a
month to get to 1000 miles for the year.

Made my way to Oakland but did not bring a candle.
Tired and sore. Going to sleeping sleeping...


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