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Since 2005, In January and February I have taken off from drinking. Combine
that with the fact that I run on most Saturday Mornings and going to a movie
is out of the question (loud people/too crowded) I decided to go to the Late
Service on Friday even though I am not a believer.
Turned out it was a combination service with the 3rd Baptist Church. Some of
those people invited me to their service and like the time I had to deliver
Chinese food I had no excuse at the ready so I agreed.

Saturday Morning I got started running early as I ran from the Start of
Golden Gate Park to the end of the Pan Opposite of Fredle and back and then
some on Ocean Beach.
Then did a bit of an ice bath in the Pacific Ocean. I saw a black standard
poodle which is a good omen but I am not sure if it was a good omen for the
good run or the future.

One thing that I have no idea is what time to turn up to a party/social
gathering. I am a very punctual person and as a general rule I always budget
more than enough time to get somewhere so I am not pressed (which makes me
grouchy) Walking around Polk street to the party where I know most of the
people through the dogs. The party included a bonus dog (Corgi)
Despite being a bit tired and having to do a mission I had a good time.

Sunday morning I figured out where the 3rd Baptist Church was and of course,
I budgeted way more than enough time. I found a parking spot and then walked
around Alamo Square. Was happy with the lack of lightning striking me down
or trap doors. They were welcoming and they talked quite a bit about some
things that needed to be done which was good.

Then went to Memphis Minnies for lunch. You see quite a bit of turnover in
the food business but I think Memphis Minnies will be around.

Watching the New England Patriots lose is always enjoyable. I remember
during their non Super Bowl winning perfect regular season they were going
for it on 4th down when they were blowing out their opponent.

The King's Speech was a good movie. I enjoyed it more than Black Swan (which
was also good but I doubt I would ever want to see it again....)


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