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Not a good day to go on a game show...

I flew back from Washington yesterday and arrived at 12:30.
For whatever reason, a restful sleep on an airplane is as elusive as a Santa
hat in New York the day before Santacon.

At the airport, (in Washington yesterday, now I am off the rails narration)
an older Chinese couple approached me pointing to my bag and saying
something in what I believed to be Chinese. Must be a secret message carved
into most of my haircuts. I thought they wanted to go to baggage claim but
before I got them in the right direction I wanted to make sure they were not
looking for a place to check additional bags. They handed me with a paper
with items written in Chinese (like how to ask for Tea or to ask for the way
to embassy) and it said where to pick up bags.
I walked them through Dulles until I found a yellow shirt person (like the
1970's) who actually worked at the airport and I explained their situation.

Also had an issue locating my keys in my carry on bag. Was happy when I
found them.

Now back to arriving in San Francisco, it was late and you had to wait for a
cab (if this was the worse I had to deal with but I was I am pretty
fortunate) and it was cold/rainy.
When I got home, the power had been out. Now something I do that may not
make a whole lot of sense is that I do not turn my clocks with the whole
daylight savings time. Went to sleep but had no idea what time it was
between the clocks, jet lag and the time change.

It is really cold and windy with big rain storms on and off.

Picked up my Cousin and his wife to take them to the airport (they are going
to China, probably to see the couple that I saw yesterday at the airport.
They called as there was key confusion. Luckily I was near where they lived
and was able to find the keys.

Went for a run in the cold and windy hills of Daly City (I did not run in
Maryland). Not a great run.


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