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For the first time since 1998 I was on the West Coast for Thanksgiving,
luckily so far no earthquakes.
When I went to Redding I was excited to see the trailer for Star Wars
Episode I

For lunch I was going to have a tin of eel (that I got at the asian market)
but my can opener broke.
Went for a run to of all places, the Colma BART station. Saw two different
guys pushing shopping carts full of cans

In an odd way, felt bad for the second guy as the easy accessible cans would
be most likely out of reach.
Spoke to one of them at an intersection at the top of the hill and he
mentioned that his Dad was a track star.
(note that I had plans to be social later...)
With a broken can opener I decided to go to lunch at Boston Market near my
house. I was thinking it might be open. Turns out it was bum rushed so I

Went to the dollar store and I bought the ingredients for my dollar store
brownies. I am sure they are people who turn to the Greatest Blog for
culinary inspiration. For the obvious reason I do not bake often. (On
another note, I got myself another can opener and was able to eat the eel
that perplexed me earlier in the day)

Here is the shopping list
two bags of brownie mix
two bags of marshmallows
two large butterfingers.
vegetable oil
one of those pans

I mixed in the brownie mix, some of the marshmallows, vegetable oil with
bananas and peanut butter.
Put this in the pan and then put on a level of marshmallows with crumbled
butter finger on top.

Baked at 350 for 30 minutes. Allowed to cool. It looked awful but they ate
it at the party (in Oakland)

Turns out the Bay Bridge was packed on Thanksgiving night but thankfully I
had Satellite Radio.

On the way back I stopped off at Target to take pictures of chumps who were
waiting outside. I guess they do not understand economics.


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