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Camping trip

For pictures from this weekend go to

Went with Urban Diversion to Placerville for a camping trip. Its been a long
time since I have actually seen more than a few stars with all of the light
The drive up was a hassle as everyone decided to drive up at the same time.
We need to implement rolling weekends and scattered starts to reduce traffic
and the need for additional roads.
The highlights of the drive up was a stop at Chick Fil A in Fairfield which
is the closest to San Francisco. They do what they do correctly and they
treat their employees well including not making them lose their job if they
cannot make it due to a hurricane.
The second highlight of the drive up came when we went to a Ralleys
supermarket. They had all of their single beer bottles in a single cart so I
bought the whole lot.

The campsite had a Standard Poodle named Jackson which was a good sign.

Later in the evening we all went to a meadow to look at some shooting stars.
Some people were complaining about the lack of shooting stars but the stars
themselves (with all of their possible extrasolar planets and those looking
back at us) was worth the drive up.

One disappointment is that the Smirnoff Ices were drank voluntarily and for
the most part was not able to ice people.

We ended up going to this bar which was the setting of the movie Road house
or the cantina from Star Wars. Kept on expecting a fight to break out
between Greedo and Patrick Swayze.

Will be going on another camping trip to Napa in a couple of weeks. One of
the big advantages of having a cat is you just put food down and not have a
parade of clowns going through your house.


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