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My review of Waterworld

It was my first trip to Waterworld
A friend of mine organized a large group of us to go to Waterworld.

We had a fun day and I am glad we were in the set aside area (+) The music
was odd but I liked it (lots of 1980's Bruce Springsteen etc) rather than
awful modern stuff. The weather was great as they have something in the sky
called "The Sun". Being in Daly City and San Francisco I am not aware..

The negatives is the place is very inefficient. You had to pay $10 for
parking but did not accept credit cards so I had to leave my ID to go to the
ATM and then go back to give the $10 and then to my car. (-)
(Bring cash, yes, I should have stopped at the ATM)

Then I waited in a long slow line and they only had one ticket register
open. I had a special discount code but they were not aware and had to go
find someone. (-) They had other lines open just for season ticket holders.
(you need to have more cashiers open or machines to buy tickets...)

Went to go to the VIP area (Big +) but I was told I needed a wristband so I
went back to the ticket area and the council of wisdom was not aware but
finally someone figured it out. (-) No one seemed to know what was going on
as I had to go back to get wrist bands for two other friends. The supervisor
asked me, who did you speak to, sadly I did not remember as I do not have a
photographic memory.

Then you needed to pay $10 and wait on yet another line to get a raft. Once
again, another line with one register. If you are going to charge me make it
quick. It is actually $7 but you get a $3 deposit back (with another line)

The only ride I went on was the lazy river as I am not much of a ride

If you have a friend that is some sort of logistics expert and you want
their head to explode, bring them to Waterworld where it is comically

Charge a couple bucks more for tickets and then get rid of the nonsense of
renting rafts. Accept credit cards for parking. A better informed staff
would reduce annoying me which is the goal of most places...

Again, a fun day...


Marcus Ronaldi

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