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Long Beach and locking my keys in the car

I saw that Jet Blue was having a $9 airfare from San Francisco to Long Beach
so I booked a flight that returned the next day. Taking the Marcus show on
the road is good.
My goal was to go cheaply the whole way around so when I was at the airport
I took the bus. Taking the bus in an area where most people do not use
public transit is a good way to cast for the upcoming Star Wars live action

My hotel was rated two stars and it was fitting. Nothing special and nothing
horrible. In the morning I could hear people in the other room and one of
the classy guests left a cigarette butt in front of my door.
Ran three miles twice and I hardly saw anyone. It was like I am legend.

The Town of Long Beach was like Waldorf on the ocean with a low traffic Pier
39 knockoff built in.

The bus ride was the most entertaining bit of the trip in both directions.

When I got back to the Bay Area I drove into the city and found a parking
spot. While walking away from my car I realized I did not have my keys so I
walked back to the Marcusmobile I discovered the keys were in the car and
the doors locked so I walked into a martial arts studio but (I also did not
have my cell phone.....) their phone's 8 button did not work so I walked
until I saw a black lab and I know the dogs person so I roped him into being
the phone contact for the tow truck guy to unlock the Marcusmobile.
It took a long time. As a profession, tow truck drivers are an odd looking
bunch. (I apologize if you are a tow truck driver who is a regular

Went to Alphabar and ran into JD on the way down Polk. She assumed that I
had fallen into a well. Actually closed Greens which is rare...


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