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In one area of my life I have no ambition. I take the first thing that comes
along and then this may lead to a longer journey.
I am talking about parking spaces. If I see an easy to access spot, I park
the Marcusmobile <http://www.edmunds.com/nissan/sentra/1997/index.html> and
then I walk. It may be a long walk.
This happened twice, once in the Mission and once in the Marina. I do not
mind a walk when it is nice but when it is raining and I never have an
umbrella (umbrellas are one of those things I do not like) it is no fun
especially when I walk past way closer rock star parking spots.

So I went to the Moscone Center to go to Wondercon which is a comic book
convention. Figured it would be a good chance to see people dressed up as
either gamorrean guard or darth
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccynzayawzq>Spoke to Erin
Chewbacca <http://www.petermayhew.com/main1.html> and the
Hulk<http://www.louferrigno.com/> and
a couple of former professional wrestlers. I did not pay for any autograph
photos because I am not sure I needed an autographed photo of either the
Hulk or Chewbacca. Also saw the Soup
Not sure what I would do with a soup laddle that said, No Soup for You. If I
ever owned a place I think I would be impatient with the customers.

*Was going to go hiking with Urban Diversion
<http://www.urbandiversion.com> but
it was raining <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/rain> so I did some work out of
a Starbucks. The song Everybody's Talkin' came on which is kind of
. *
*The big unimportant news of the day was that Donovan McNabb was traded to
the Washington Redskins. As I do not go to the games and they will not be on
TV that much, will maybe see a couple of games. Did the Redskins win the
offseason again? Learned this via a text message and twitter status. I would
not mind playing in the NFL just so I can give a generic interview, like,
"yeah we played hard and gave 110%..." This may happen if there is an NFL
Strike and then a flu epidemic. *


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